Intel is still looking for a 10-nanometer chip

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The spokesman of Intel dismissed the claim; Intel still plans to manufacture a 10-nanometer chip.

It was said that Intel has stopped developing its 10-nanometer chip.


Earlier news of the 10-nanometer Intel chip production was released. However, Intel has announced that it will continue to develop a 10-nanometer chip development, and is expected to introduce its new chips to the market in 2019.

Intel is working hard to begin mass production of next-generation 10nm Cannake chips as soon as possible. At first, Intel’s 10-nanometer chips were to be introduced in 2016, but apparently, it was delayed in the process of developing the chip. Earlier it was said that Intel will start manufacturing a 10-nanometer chip from late 2017.


Earlier this year, Intel announced that it will launch its 10nm processor in 2019. In May this year, it became clear that Intel had postponed the launch of the 10nm chip on the Canon Layer. Last week, SemiAccurate, pointing to some internal sources, said Intel had stopped the process of developing and manufacturing 10-nanosecond chips. SemiAccurate claims in its previous report that 10-nanometer chip manufacturing is not economically feasible for Intel. However, after the release of the news, the spokesman of Intel dismissed the claim put forward by SemiAccurate. The spokeswoman of Intel said:


The media reports claiming Intel has stopped the development of a 10-nanometer chip. We are making good progress in developing a 10-nanometer chip. We have achieved good achievements that are in line with the timeline presented in the company’s latest earnings report.


According to Intel’s latest financial report, the 10-nanometer chip is expected to be introduced in 2019. The 10-nanometer chip delay postponed when another news release was announced. It was reported earlier that Apple plans to abandon the use of Intel processors in Mac computers by 2020. Another announcement is also interesting, as Intel seems to have dissuaded Microsoft from using the logo processor in Surfis. In late 2017, something different happened; the two Meltdown and Specter security holes in Intel’s two-decade chips were a shocking news. Byrne Cranich resigned as Intel CEO in June of this year. Finally, with the set of events that have fallen for Intel, it has been a turbulent year, and now it has to be able to fight fairly in order to advance in the market and compete with rivals so that it does not go away and does not miss its domination in the market.

Considering all the news about Intel’s 10nm chip so far, we have to see Intel launching its product.

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